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Public health workforce planning

To deliver the most effective public health services, it is critical that all jurisdictions—local, provincial and federal—coordinate their efforts to develop and maintain a highly skilled public health workforce that has the capacity to not only provide essential services within their own boundaries, but that can also facilitate a quick and effective response to public health threats in any part of the country.

Collaborating with partners and stakeholders across the country, the workforce planning activities of the Public Health Agency of Canada focus on mobilizing pan-Canadian action and building the capacity of the public health workforce.

Public health human resources planning framework

The Agency works to advance the recommendations of the 2005 report, Building the Public Health Workforce for the 21st Century: A Pan-Canadian Framework for Public Health Human Resources PlanningExternal Link also known as the Public Health Human Resources Framework). The Framework supports a collaborative approach to public health human resource planning, which allows for the sharing of specialized public health human resources between jurisdictions, makes more effective use of the financial resources devoted to workforce development, and encourages innovation in the way the public health workforce is developed and deployed.

Working together to build a well-connected, capable public health workforce

As part of the Agency's effort to build a skilled, connected public health workforce, PHAC hires field epidemiologists and public health officers—specialists with advanced degrees in public health—and places them in organizations across the country. These programs mentor and train the next generation, strengthen the workforce, and help organizations address particular public health needs.